We are very honoured to introduce a magnificent team like this. We work effortlessly to provide the various sections of News like Science, Space & Environment. The authors are talented in conveying what they observe and think of their writing skills.

Yogesh Kuradiya – Editor-in-Chief

Yogesh is the prime pillar behind the Hindi Edition of News Recorder. He is an environment-loving person who always tends to protect and nurture her surroundings. He is handling the major desk behind this website for the Entertainment section. Yogesh is also the main Editor-in-chief on News Recorder.


Mansi Sharma – Author

Mansi is an avid writer and reader. She is fond of exploring local news and headlines. Mansi is an author by profession and is now a full-time contributor to News Recorder. Mansi is the base behind the local news coverages over this online news platform.


Anubhav Sharma – Author

Anubhav Sharma, author at News Recorder, with two years of experience in the google news industry. Apart from writing and editing articles on World News at News Recorder, he also contributes to other esteemed news sites. Having a vast experience in writing news analysis and content management.


Ananya Gupta – ADs Manager

Ananya manages the Ad inventories at News Recorder. She is the base behind all Ad placements like Google Adsense, Native Ads, and contextual banner Ads. She is a skilled and passionate coder who always tends to provide excellent user experience to all our readers.


Lalit Kain – Contributor

Lalit is a contributor on News Recorder. Lalit makes a very few coverages on the website but he always emerges as the best. He loves to keep himself updated with the entertainment news and provides the best and research content for the website.